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Mother's Day Activity

Happy Mother's Day!

Enjoy this free mother's day coloring page and mother's day maze activity to do with your child.

Save it, print and enjoy!

Having Fun with a Shark Birthday Party(All Sharks Invited)

When your child asks for a shark birthday party, you may be confused. Where can you get great things with sharks on them for a kids birthday? Here we have collected some of the best shark party theme items we could find. There is even a shark kids t-shirt. If you want to throw a party your child, as well as friends and family, remember, these products will do it!

Easter Eggs Hunt

Tees Jungle Easter Eggs Hunt, can your child find all the eggs? Enjoy!

Tees Jungle Memory Cards Game

Great family activity to do with your child to develop his memory skills and to teach him about zoo, safari, aquarium and jungle animals. A memory card game that will keep your kids entertained for hours.

Tees Jungle Domino For Kids

Tees Jungle Domino For Kids will be a great family game to teach your children about animals and have fun while playing the game.



Parrot Coloring Page

We love to share all of our coloring pages with you,

This is one of our favorites, these two loving parrots.

Good Old Days Jungle Table Game For Kids

Enjoy this FREE exclusive Tees Jungle board game

Zoo Time! Fun Games You Can Play With Your Kids At The Zoo

Zoo time is always a fun time, especially for toddlers! Don’t you just love the magical look in their eyes when they see those cute furry friends they see in fables and activity books in real life?
And for some added fun, try out these zoo activities for toddlers on your next visit!