Kids Dragon T-Shirt in White (With Flap Mouth)


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THE FUN SIDE OF TEE-SHIRT- The Kids Dragon T-Shirt in White (With Flap Mouth) Great interactive animals flap mouth t-shirt for toddlers as a birthday gift and as a beach shirt 


  • Theme: A Dragon with a mouth that opens and closes
  • For children from ages 2-6 years old
  • Tee-Shirt Material: 100% cotton 
  • Neck type: Cotton/Lycra ribbed crew neck
  • Color: White

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  • 2 = Length 13.97'' Width 12''
  • 3 = Length 15.15'' Width 12.79''
  • 4 = Length 16.53'' Width 13.77''

  • 5 = Length 17.12'' Width 13.77''

  • 6 = Length 18.11'' Width 14.76''


  • Spurs more fun as your child voices words while he/she opens and closes the Dolphin’s mouth
  • With the many other themes available, dressing up for occasions and events will become more exciting and purposeful.
  • Enhances positive imaginations and thoughts that ultimately results in a stable, successful and healthy child.
  • The Dragon Flap Mouth Interactive T-Shirt for kids is designed to inspire your young child’s minds and enhances their imagination.