About Us

Tees Jungle is a unique lifestyle brand, especially for kids founded with the primary goal to make available fun tee shirts with jungle themes.

Since we believe that every kid has a longing to live out their best-imagined character, we decided to create them and make every child’s longing possible.

This belief has made us producers of tee-shirts with a wide variety of unique animal themes such as Lion, Shark, Gorilla, Zebra, Dolphin, Stingray, Polar Bear, Parrot, Dragon, Rhino,  Elephant and many more designs in the pipe. We at Tees Jungle believe in developing every child’s imagination while they are having fun doing it.

Besides the fun animal theme prints in front of these tee shirts, the other special thing about them is that every animal theme on these shirts actually has a mouth that opens and closes. This specialty gives the thrills and smiles that Tees Jungle brand so believes is every child's entitlement.

We are about the physical and mental health of kids, and that is why our uniquely designed tee-shirts encourage in all totality a more particular use of the mind as every child tries to fill into the character on the shirt, thereby increasing mind activities mixed with much fun.

Since, our priority is to give every child the opportunity to choose the character to fill into every day, thus making their dress up easy and understanding that the more kids wearing them, the merrier they become, we have made it easy to get these unique, fun jungle tee shirts by just placing an order on our online wholesale or retail store while we deliver to your doorstep.

What defines Tees Jungle is the high quality and careful precision put into every made animal theme tee shirt with the sole purpose of giving a touch of uniqueness to every piece while maintaining its mental value, atheistic value and the fun that comes with wearing each piece.