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Tees Jungle was established in 2016.


With our love for animals we have designed a kids tee shirt brand that has a unique and cute twist to it, each shirt as a flap mouth that opens and closes. 

Our animal flap mouth tee shirt designed to introduce toddlers and little kids to animals, inspire and enhance their imagination.

We have created our flap mouth tees  jungle theme shirts and every year we have a new collection of animals that we believe kids would love as their new animal tee shirt friend.

You can choose from:Shark, Lion, Tiger, Dolphin, Zebra, Elephant, Gorilla, Giraffe and Stingray.

Our shirts would be a great gift for your little ones, they would love to chase their siblings and friends with the animal mouth open and close trying to bite them.

Add a Jungle Hats to match with your child's shirts, choose from : Shark, Monkey, Tiger, Elephant, Zebra, Lion, Frog, Giraffe, Dolphin and T-Rex.

We would love to get feedback from you once you get your order.

Let us know which design do you like the most and which is a must have for our brand?

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